[linux-lvm] Root disk becomes read-only after LVM configuration

DiPasquale, Carl (C.J.) cdipasqu at visteon.com
Fri Dec 7 08:26:01 UTC 2001

Help please!
	I'm trying to configure LVM on a 7.3 Suse 2.4.10 install. LVM config
works ok and creates vg's and lvol's but root disk becomes read-only after
system reboot!  Can't recover from problem and must reload, (on 4th load now
and about to give up on LVM).  I noticed that after LVM config I could not
see several partitions (/boot, /dev/shm, /) in a shell after using the df
-Ha command.  My LVM version is and the
Yast2-config-lvm_config version is 2.4.3-11.  Any idea on what is causing
this and/or how to remedy? 

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