[linux-lvm] problem resizing without losing data

SI Reasoning sczjd at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 12:31:01 UTC 2001

I am using Mandrake cooker and lvm-0.9-3mdk. I
recently created lvm group Mandrake with volume 1 =
/usr, vol 2 = var and vol 3 = home. vol 1 and 2 are
xfs and 3 is reiserfs. I recently attempted to shrink
var by 500 meg and then expand usr by  500 meg. This
hosed my system as many files in var were lost
(although there was plenty of room to spare on var). 
Also, even though lvscan showed my changes had taken
place, the rest of the system still only recognized
prior values.

Is there a way to do non-destructive resizing with lvm?

SI Reasoning
sczjd at yahoo.com

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