[linux-lvm] reinstall, import, export question

Steve Wray steve.wray at the.net.nz
Wed Dec 12 16:12:02 UTC 2001

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> > I want to be able to simply reinstall the system
> > and carry the physical volumes, and the VG's and
> > LV's they hold over to the rebuilt system.
> I just finished doing this.
> I installed a new python version from source which torched all my
> printing in RH7. So instead of reinstalling the RPM I decided to wipe the
OS and do a
> fresh install. Here is my setup.
> Of course You know most all of that I am sure but it is easier
> for me to lay it out that way.

Nice and methodical!

> If you don't have a "dedicated" LVM disk as I do

yeah I have 2 disks on seperate IDE controllers that I
use for LVM. The system partitions are still on normal
partitions and on one drive.

> That will most surely complicate things if the OS doesn't support an
> upgrade or install of LVM. I know RH and deb don't. (the two I use) I have
seen on
> the list that suse and another do. This worked for me at least.

Mandrake seems to do it well; I set these volumes up at install
time. I have this feeling that I'll be able to reintegrate my
volumes at reinstall time too, but I wanted to clarify the
export/import thing wondering if it was essential.

> Hope I didn't forget anything major.
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