[linux-lvm] Can someone _please_ tell me whats going on?

Bradley Alexander storm at tux.org
Mon Dec 17 01:22:01 UTC 2001

On Sun, 2001-12-16 at 22:43, Bradley Alexander wrote:
> Its a standard IDE cable. I have a 40-pin/40-wire cable and a
> 40-pin/80-wire (I'm assuming this is an ATA66/100 cable). Originally, i
> had both drives on the ATA cable, but since I split them to different
> channels, I had to use a standard IDE cable on the second channel.
> However, I was getting the same errors when both were on the ATA cable
> as well.

I have noticed a couple more symptoms I thought I would forward.

1. The drive light stays illuminated when the machine is up, whether the
lv is mounted or not. Could this also be an indication of what killed
the first drive?

2. Doing normal actions on the volume group, in this case, vg01, causes
a segmentation fault. This includes vgchange, doing an fdisk on the
drive or anything else.

Anyone have any pointers?

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