[linux-lvm] File size limit exceeded

Wolfgang Weisselberg weissel at netcologne.de
Mon Dec 17 02:41:01 UTC 2001

Hi, Andreas!

Andreas Dilger (adilger at turbolabs.com) wrote 39 lines:
> On Dec 17, 2001  03:58 +0100, Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote:

> > Also funny: It works OK from the console, but not under X -- if

> It is a kernel problem, and not limited to LVM.  You need to log
> in directly as root (no "su -") so that you don't have any ulimit
> set for your shell.  Block devices moved into the page cache in
> 2.4.10, and were (incorrectly) affected by file size limits.

That explains some things... Thanks!


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