[linux-lvm] Implementation questions

Wolfgang Weisselberg weissel at netcologne.de
Tue Dec 18 20:55:02 UTC 2001

Hi, Jesus!

Jesus Manuel NAVARRO LOPEZ (jesus_navarro at promofinarsa.es) wrote 73 lines:
> Colin Coe wrote:

> > As I have about 130 of these to do, I am toying with the idea of installing
> > a cut-down Linux system with XFS, LAM, md and ramdisk support and making a
> > bootable CD-ROM which I can then use to configure the system how I want it.

> As you're talking about a farly respectable number of boxes, the 
> automated idea seems reasonable.  I would have a look at the LUI project 
> from IBM and/or even a physical disk replicator: the first option will 

There is also the FAI project, which AFAIK has found it's way
into Debian by now.  You'll probably want network for it --
a networkcard with bootprom is a real boon there.



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