[linux-lvm] Implementation questions

Colin Coe CCoe at bunnings.com.au
Tue Dec 18 22:06:02 UTC 2001

Thanks for the responses.  I didn't properly explain the problem properly.
The real problem is getting the LVM installed on to /dev/md0 where /dev/md0
is /dev/hda1 and /dev/hdc1.  I'm still trying to get the first (test) box up
and going properly.

The wishlist
- make the 2 x 20GB drives into /dev/hd[ac]1 partitioned to use the whole
- make /dev/md0 (RAID1) contain both disks
- use pvcreate /dev/md0
- use vgcreate rootvg /dev/md0
- lvcreate ...
- mkfs.xfs /dev/rootvg/...

I don't mind if the setup procedure for the first (test) machine is dodgy
and convoluted, as pointed out I should be able to use Ghost or some other
method to roll the other machines out after.



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> Doesn't Ghost support Linux / LILO configurations?  That would allow you
> to configure up one PC, and duplicate it to 129 others, and it's VERY
> quick.  You do, however, still have to make any individualized changes to
> each one after the duplication.
> -- Mitch
> On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Lewis Bergman wrote:
> > > As I have about 130 of these to do, I am toying with the idea of
> installing
> > > a cut-down Linux system with XFS, LAM, md and ramdisk support and
> making a
> > > bootable CD-ROM which I can then use to configure the system how I
> want it.
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