[linux-lvm] 2.4.17rc2

Urs Thuermann urs at isnogud.escape.de
Sat Dec 22 02:28:01 UTC 2001

Petro <petro at auctionwatch.com> writes:

> Did a bunch of stuff get updated in the 2.4.17rc2 kernel? I ask because
> I just applied that patch to 2.4.16, and at one point patch stated it
> looked like a patch had already been applied. 

Yes, you probably mean the patch from patch-2.4.17

    --- linux-2.4.16/drivers/md/lvm-snap.c  Mon Nov 12 17:34:20 2001
    +++ linux/drivers/md/lvm-snap.c Fri Dec 21 16:40:32 2001
    @@ -542,8 +542,6 @@
     void lvm_snapshot_release(lv_t * lv)
    -       int     nbhs = KIO_MAX_SECTORS;
    	    if (lv->lv_block_exception)

which seems already to be in LVM-1.0.1.  This patch in uncritical
anyway since it does nothing, except cosmetic cleanup (removal of
unused variable).


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