[linux-lvm] LVM Boot = /sbin/modprobe: error while loading shared libraries: libzso.1

Ben Holness ben at bens-house.org.uk
Wed Dec 26 05:22:02 UTC 2001

>> I did a locate on "libzso.1", but it couldn't find it.
> it is libz.so.1, used by modprobe to uncompress gzipped modules

Quite right - a typo on my part :)

> anyway, could you try with lvm tools and the modified mkinitrd
> found on http://www.comedia.it/bluca/lvm/

OK, I upgraded to the latest mkinitrd and re-ran lvmcreate_initrd, but it
complained that it couldn't find lvm-mod.o (or mod-lvm.o - I don't remember
which way round).

So I downloaded the latest version of lvm (1.0.1) from the link you gave me
and upgraded. This time lvmcreate_initrd worked, but when I reboot I get
another error:


RAMDISK: Complressed image found at block 0
Uncompressing...............<3>invalid compressed format (err=2)done.


And then it all fails because Root fs is not mounted...

Any ideas?



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