[linux-lvm] changing SCSI IDs ?

Urs Thuermann urs at isnogud.escape.de
Fri Jun 1 04:54:00 UTC 2001

Will my LVs continue to work, if the device names and minor device
numbers of my SCSI disks change?

I have installed a new 9GB SCSI drive which will eventually replace
two of my older 4.3GB drives.  I want to make the new drive a single
PV.  This is roughly what I plan to do:

    pvcreate /dev/sdd1
    vgcreate vg0 /dev/sdd1
    lvcreate -n 0 vg0
    lvcreate -n 1 vg0
    mount /dev/vg0/0 /mnt
    tar clS -C / -f - . | tar xp -C /mnt -f -
    umount /dev/vg0/0
    mount /dev/vg0/1 /mnt
    tar clS -C /usr -f - . | tar xp -C /mnt -f -
    umount /dev/vg0/1
    vi /etc/fstab	# change device names from /dev/sd... to /dev/vg0/...
    shutdown -h now

    remove /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, change SCSI IDs, so that
    the former sdd becomes sda and
    the former sdc becomes sdb.

Will this work?  Or will vgscan find a VG which uses the PV on
/dev/sdd1 as created with vgcreate?  This wouldn't work since
/dev/sdd1 is now /dev/sda1.


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