[linux-lvm] Migrating to an LVM system (boot/root) disk

Steve Wray steve.wray at the.net.nz
Mon Jun 4 21:03:35 UTC 2001

> Behalf Of Michael Tokarev
> Andreas Dilger wrote:
> >
> []
> > The problem is that "sed" is used in the wrapper script. AFAIK, I do not
> > have "sed" in my wrapper script, so I don't know where it came from.
> > you tell me where the wrapper script comes from that you are using
> > post a copy to this list so it can be fixed?
> I leave that to Steve Wray -- I personally not use any wrappers at all,
> and ever never saw mkinitrd script(s)... ;)

phew I have no idea where the wrapper script came from, if not from LVM?
Lets see. lvscan --version yields;
Logical Volume Manager 0.9.1_beta7
Heinz Mauelshagen, Sistina Software 10/04/2001 (IOP 10)

$ file `which lvscan`
Bourne shell script...

lvmcreate_initrd is also a script.

Need any more info?

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