[linux-lvm] Problems with 0.9.1b7 and 2.2.20-2

Rasmus Andersen rasmus at jaquet.dk
Tue Jun 5 07:24:36 UTC 2001


I have built a 2.2.20-2 kernel with kiobuf-2.2.18pre24-B.tar.gz
applied and patched with the patch lvm_0.9.1_beta7 created.

I have begun to get the following in my /var/log/messages in
conjunction with various programs (tar, cp) failing:

Jun  4 21:55:05 firewall kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device 
Jun  4 21:55:05 firewall kernel: 08:01: rw=0, want=530424, limit=410608 
Jun  4 21:55:05 firewall kernel: dev 3a:03 blksize=1024 blocknr=622593 sector=1060840 size=4096 count=1 
Jun  4 21:55:05 firewall kernel: EXT2-fs error (device lvm(58,3)): read_inode_bitmap: Cannot read inode bitmap - block_group = 19, inode_bitmap = 622593 
Jun  4 21:55:05 firewall kernel: EXT2-fs error (device lvm(58,3)): ext2_check_inodes_bitmap: Wrong free inodes count in super block, stored = 307461, counted = 291461 

I can do a 'dd if=/dev/<diskX> of=/dev/null' for the disks that are
part of the volume group without problems but if I do it for /dev/vg1/
lvol4, I get the error above (without the EXT2-part).

I am now trying to get whatever data I can off the FS and would like
1) helpful suggestions, and 2) to provide whatever feedback I can
before I have to reclaim the disk space. Probably for something
non-LVM for the moment.

Please mail me for additional information. I am rather new to LVM
and have little clue as to what information you might find useful.
        Rasmus(rasmus at jaquet.dk)

Gates' Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves
  -- Anonymous

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