[linux-lvm] LILO configuration for LVM "boot" filesystem

Steve Wray steve.wray at the.net.nz
Thu Jun 7 22:38:40 UTC 2001

> From: linux-lvm-admin at sistina.com [mailto:linux-lvm-admin at sistina.com]On
> Behalf Of Mark van Walraven
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 10:43:02AM -0500, Jack McKinney wrote:
> > cd / ; mv tmp tmp.old ; ln -s /var/tmp .
> > reboot
> > rm -rf /tmp.old
> > 
> >     Now you don't have to worry about root filling up at all...
> /tmp is commonly emptied on boot, unlike /var/tmp.  Vi, for example,
> stores it's recovery files in /var/tmp.
> I prefer a separate partition for /tmp, to reduce the need to write to
> the root fs and thereby lower the risk of damage to it in a crash.

Yeah, I've been wondering about this whole discussion since
I thought it was "the done thing" to have /var and /tmp
on their own partitions (for precisely that reason).
I've been doing it that way since 1994 (when I moved up from
having my Linux on a 120 meg hard drive...)

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