[linux-lvm] LVM kernel patch request

AJ Lewis lewis at sistina.com
Thu Jun 14 14:36:38 UTC 2001

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 06:36:54PM +0800, Leo Wong wrote:
> I am using RedHat7.1 with Kernel version 2.4.2-2. I downloaded the binaries patch-generator0.91beta7 rpm. i follow the instructions(i.e. ./configure and then make in PATCHES, then a patch -p1 < /xx/xxx/PATCHES/xxxxx.patch)  to patch the kernel and everything wents well when i do a make config in the /usr/src/linux, configuring the LVM as a modules. 

Where is your kernel source located?  Did you specify this location when you
ran ./configure?  (ie, './configure --with-kernel_dir=/usr/src/linux-2.4.2-2')

> But i cannot do a make modules, after i make dep;make clean;make bzlilo, lots of compilation errors jump out.

A log of the exact errors would be nice.  I really don't have any idea what
is going wrong unless I can see those.

> I then try compile the LVM in the kernel by running make config again. after i build everything, when i run the vgscan, it says "lvmiopversion -- LVM driver/module not loaded?"

Did you install the new kernel and reboot?  It may be possible to get along
without rebooting if you are building the kernel modules, but you will
definitely need to reboot if LVM is built into the kernel.

> Seemingly the LVM module/compilation doesn't work for this kernel.

It should work, but RedHat puts a lot of additional patches into their
kernels, and it is possible there is a conflict somewhere.  Did the patch
apply cleanly?

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