[linux-lvm] Re: another nice feature for packagers ...

Gergely Tamas dice at mfa.kfki.hu
Mon Jun 18 16:09:25 UTC 2001


 > No problem, I'm still trying to decide if we should move ${DESTDIR} into the
 > individual 'install' targets or not...

Thats a good question. :) I tried your version, and it worked well. The
location of the configuration files is defived in a header file, so this
is not a problem. The static links worked also well...

 > Hmm...I think it should be the other way around.

Yes, I thought about this version too... It doesn't metter which one you
choose, as long as there are separate definitions for static and shared
libraries, I think. So they have not to be moved manually...

 > Just FYI, the entire build system is going to get an overhaul after the 1.0
 > release, so I will definitely be making sure these detail are kept in mind
 > for that.

Which will be released this wednesday as I can remember, right?


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