[linux-lvm] U of M FC Group News

Jesse Prusi prusi at borg.umn.edu
Wed Jun 20 14:50:20 UTC 2001

The University of Minnesota Fibre Channel Research Group is proud to
announce the release of SANTK 2.0.  SANTK 2.0 includes the Manual SAN
Building Tool which allows the user to create their own SAN topologies in
a CAD environment.  The topologies can be exported and used in the main
tool which offers netlist, rack mount diplay, and scalability display
capability. Check it out at...


Staffan Strand and Kevin Duncan both completed their M.S. in Computer
Engineering.  Staffan's thesis covers Storage Area Networks, their
evolution, applications, and designing SANs using SANTK.  Kevin's thesis
compares Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet in the Linux environment.
Check them out at...



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