[linux-lvm] LVM compile errors

Torsten Neumann torsten at imke.infodrom.ffis.de
Sat Jun 23 20:02:01 UTC 2001


While building the LVM user-tools on my hp(*), i recognize that gcc-3 doesn't
like #ifdef directives in printf statements.
Because I only try to compile lvm-0.9(**) i don't include a patch.
Sorry to say that lvm still didn't run on the parisc architecture(***). That 
would be real cool.


(*) Linux imke 2.4.0-pa37 #5 Sat Jun 23 17:57:52 CEST 2001 parisc unknown
(**) Got many undefined symbols while trying to compile kernel 2.4.0 with 
latest 0.9.1-beta7 Patches.
(***) pvcreate(188): unaligned access to 0x40067cf3 at ip=0x400310db, seems
not an lvm related problem.

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