[linux-lvm] LVM configuration question....

Mark J. Bobak mark at bobak.net
Sun Jun 24 21:57:38 UTC 2001

Thanks Goetz.  I'll give it a try!


On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Goetz Bock wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 24 '01 at 17:30, Mark J. Bobak wrote:
> > # pvcreate /dev/sdc
> > pvcreate -- device "/dev/sdc" has a partition table
> >
> > So, can anyone offer me a clue as to the problem?
> Well, you can force pvcreate to use /dev/sdc, but you should not.
> use fdisk to make one partition (/dev/sdc1) with the full capacity of
> /dev/sdc and make it as LVM (type: 8e). Than use pvcreate /dev/sdc1
> (this marks sdc1 as a PV) and add it to the VG as described in the
> whitepaper/faq.
>     Goetz.

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