[linux-lvm] LVM configuration question....

Goetz Bock bock at blacknet.de
Sun Jun 24 22:57:57 UTC 2001

On Sun, Jun 24 '01 at 15:32, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> > Well, you can force pvcreate to use /dev/sdc, but you should not.
> Why not?  I thought for non-system (i.e. boot) disks this was
> perfectly acceptable.
It will gain you about a meg (one cylinder), but will cause all kind of
trouble when you're not very carefyll. lilo, other OSes installers,
user errors can easily cause the rewriting of a MBR. This will kill your
PV, and the VG it belongs to.
Some readers already had this happen, and it was QUITE a pain to recover
the data on the affected VG (I'm not sure if everyone was able to
recover their data, for sure some were (with the help of Heinz IIRC))

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