[linux-lvm] Why vgscan not in kernel?

Dirk Heinrichs heinrichs at qis-systemhaus.de
Mon Jun 25 12:52:00 UTC 2001

Steven Lembark wrote:
> >> upon boot, SCSI and IDE drivers check harddrives attached to the device
> >> for partitions. Wouldn't it be better to have similar functionality
> >> (scanning for VG's) for LVM in the kernel, instead of using a userland
> >> command?
> It is rather dangerous unless you have a separate kernel w/o LVM or
> a boot option (e.g., -lm) that allows booting with LVM turned off.
> Otherwise you can easily end up unable to reboot with a corrupt LVM
> system.
I don't get the point here. Why is it dangerous to move the VG scan from
vgscan into the kernel module? Why should this corrupt LVM? Can you
explain this in more detail?


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