[linux-lvm] Cannot mount: device in use

S. Michael Denton smdenton at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 30 13:55:14 UTC 2001

Hello, just had a power outage in my area and when my system came back up, 
all my  lvm'd reiserfs volumes reported that they were already mounted, even 
though they were not.  I have seen this several times after system crashes 
and each time, the only way to resolve the problem is to login in single-user 
mode, umount the device (which reports <device>: not mounted) and then 
reboot... after that, the devices go through the journal replay as expected.  
As I do not have any lvm'd ext2fs, I will shortly create a small one, crash 
the system, and see if the problem happens with the lvm'd ext2fs or not, but 
until that time, here're my specifics:

linux 2.2.19
reiserfs 3.5.32
lvm 0.9.1beta7

Also, someone previously asked if my mnttab file or /proc/mounts might have 
been the issue, so in rcS i had it copy them elsewhere before it removed the 
mnttab and started trying to mount filesystems... /proc/mounts only showed 
/dev/root on / and procfs on /proc... mnttab didn't have the external volumes 
in them either.


Scott Denton
smdenton at bellsouth.net

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