[linux-lvm] Problem with vgscan at boot time

Frédéric Tronel tronel at nerim.net
Thu Apr 4 15:08:02 UTC 2002


I'm facing the following problem.
I'm using a Debian system with a stock kernel 2.4.18 
(lvm 1.0.1-rc4 LVM module, no patch applied) +
lvm-tools 1.0.3 recompiled from source (not a debian
I have my root filesystem on a first hard drive (hda) managed
by the LVM. My  disks are organised as follows:

pvscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hdc1" of VG "extractible" 
[55.89 GB / 45.89 GB free]
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hda2" of VG "disk" 
[16.31 GB / 7.82 GB free]
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hda4" of VG "disk"
[1.65 GB / 1.65 GB free]
pvscan -- total: 3 [73.87 GB] / in use: 3 [73.87 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0]

Everything was working perfectly, until I had a new disk (hdc).
I have created a single huge 60G partition, and I have created a
new voluume group ("extractible").

I'm using an initrd at boot time created by lvmcreate_initrd.
In the linuxrc script, there is a line calling vgscan.
If I do NOT comment it, it fails with the following message:

If I comment it, it still fails but with this new message:

Any idea ?

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