[linux-lvm] Red Hat upgrade over existing LVM

Terje Kvernes terjekv at math.uio.no
Sat Apr 6 23:13:02 UTC 2002

Nick Urbanik <nicku at vtc.edu.hk> writes:

> Terje Kvernes wrote:
> > that's one way, the easier way is to either use apt
> Does apt work with Red Hat in a usable way?  I tried it a long time
> ago, and deleted it.

  sort of, just mask out ximian-packages and other stuff you can't
  make dependencies for.  otherwise it supposedly works well.  I have
  to admit to using red-carpet mostly myself.
> > or red-carpet to upgrade your distro.  with red-carpet, fiddle
> > with /etc/redhat-release, apt has dist-upgrade, I think.  I've
> > upgraded two machines from 7.0 -> 7.2 with red-carpet, but I'd
> > advice you to set off a day with this, even if you get the rpms
> > from somewhere besides ximian.
> >
> > I did it as follows: grab the rpms from RH7.2, with the updates,
> > from a local mirror, and dump them to /var/cache/redcarpet, then
> > fiddle with /etc/redhat-release (feel free to install the rpm
> > "redhat-release"), then run red-carpet.  things will break and
> > fail now and then, fiddle.
> I have used rpmfind --autoupgrade to upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2, and
> that required not a huge amount of manual intervention, but more
> than I want.

  hm, haven't tried that.
> I tried using rpmfind to upgrade this machine from 7.2 to 7.2.93,
> but it changed my /lib/ld-linux.so and everything ground to a halt.
  ouch.  someone[tm] didn't think when they handed you the rpms.
> I had to reboot with init=/sbin/sash to fix it.  Now I have created
> a directory /static, containing lots of statically compiled tools,
> including the LVM tools.

  I've by habit compiled all the tools statically for a long while
> We really need a rescue disk that supports LVM, RAID, reiserfs and
> ext3.  Anyone seen such a beast, or do I have to make it myself?

  Gentoo's default kernel supports this, as well as XFS, out of the
> > these days I have a RH7.2-box that has an uptime of about 240
> > days.  :)
> So you are not yet running a recent kernel?

  correct.  but only me and my girlfriend can log into it, so
  security-wise it doesn't really matter.  although I do miss certain
  parts of 2.4.18 these days.  :)

  oh, and yes, the box runs 0.9.1_beta7.  which has worked flawlessly
  as long as I've kept _far_ away from known bugs.  :)


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