[linux-lvm] vgscan segfault at bootup

Gunther Kuhlmann gunther-kuhlmann at easy-call.net
Fri Apr 12 07:22:02 UTC 2002

Hi Gurus!

I have a system with several VGs (none spanning across physical disks).
Installed systems are SuSE 7.2, which I use most of the time, and SuSE
7.3. After a hard disk failure, I meddling with some of the VGs (data
recovery and the like on new hard disk onto new VGs). The VG names on
the broken disk I have not re-used on the new disk, but chose new names.
I did all this from SuSE 7.2.

Yesterday, after some time, I tried to boot SuSE 7.3. During bootup,
vgscan secfaulted, leaving me without /usr, /opt and /home, which is
not really useful. What do I need to do to recover? At least most of
the VGs are used by both systems and I do not want to destroy them.

Do I probably need to remove some files which are in the way?

All kernes, tools etc are from the two SuSE distributions.



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