[linux-lvm] kernel: invalidate: busy buffer

Rene @ Webscorpion.com rene.madsen at webscorpion.com
Mon Apr 15 10:12:02 UTC 2002

Dear LVM gurus

I've installed LVM on several computers over the years, generally without
problem, but now I've hit a box where I can't make it work:  This is a P4
with two 60GB IDE drives, hda and hdc.  The Kernel is a Redhat 2.4.17
(custom 0.6 fwiw) which I understand is an -ac flavor kernel.  It would
seem that because of compatibility issues with aquote - unrelated to LVM -
I need this -ac hack present.

I downloaded and installed the userland tools 1.0.3 and had a beautiful
patch created. Trying to apply the patch with --dry-run gives a couple of
errors though, so I didn't dare applying it.

Instead I just compiled the kernel with LVM support in the kernel
(whichever is present in the 2.4.17 kernel, not as not module) and
everything seems fine - at least no complaints. This i've done several
times before without getting into trouble.

Rebooted the kernel, everything still fine. ran vgscan (tookforever but
eventually came back)  followed by vgchange -a y, which also was ok.

pvcreate on both the partitions (one on each disk) goes fine, and so does
vgcreate (again, takes forever, but finally...)

Now the problem: lvcreate dumps core. Doesnt matter how much or little
space I create, what I call it, if I use just one pv or if I try to slice

I notice in my /var/log/messages that I get MILLIONS (really) of errors:
kernel: invalidate: busy buffer
last message repeated 12233432 times
last message repeated 534252times
last message repeated 545234242 times

What am I doing wrong? Is this error related to the missing kernel

How can I patch a standard kernel for both -ac and LVM ? As I understand
it they both require a "clean" kernel to apply good?

Sorry for the perhaps stupid quiestions, but I am not a kernel guru - I
only know just enough to get myself into trouble :-)  I *did* read the FAQ
and I *did* search google (usenet) - didnt' find the answers tho...


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