[linux-lvm] kernel: invalidate: busy buffer

Rene @ Webscorpion.com rene.madsen at webscorpion.com
Tue Apr 16 11:01:02 UTC 2002

Thanks for the many replies. I was feeling a little lonely there for a

> I also don't know why your lvcreate dumps core.  How recent are your
> LVM tools?  Try using the -d option to lvcreate to see how far it gets,
> or run lvcreate from within gdb.

LVM tools are 1.0.3 - but as I said, I was unable to run the patch against
my kernel source -- and I need and -AC kernel to keep aquote happy.

I know there is a LVM 1.1-rc1 release available, however, call me chicken
but I don't dare installing software that comes with a note
like "Disclaimer: This release is not meant to be run on production

Will try -d option later (no access to server from where I am now).

How would I go about running lvcreate from within gdb? Sorry I'm not a
programmer :-)

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