[linux-lvm] mount reiserfs snapshot failed

Markus Bartl m.bartl at mc-lindinger.de
Thu Apr 18 04:36:02 UTC 2002

Hi there.

Im using the original kernel 2.4.18 with the locking patch and the
lvm-patch applied. I use the lvm in Version 1.1rc1.
I got one harddisk with 4 partitions on it, 1 partition is Linux LVM.
The volume to backup is mounted on /home and has reiserfs. 

I made a shell-script to perform a test using snapshots.
Here is what it does (looped):
1) create snapshot
2) mount snapshot --> fails sometimes (35 loops, 6 fails)
3) backup snapshot
4) create file on original volume while backup is still running
5) unmount snapshot
6) remove snapshot

In some cases mounting the snapshot volume fails with error 32 (wrong fs
type or bad superblock).
Anybody got any idea???

Thanks for your help,

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