[linux-lvm] Lvm woes

Heinz J . Mauelshagen mauelshagen at sistina.com
Thu Apr 25 05:06:01 UTC 2002


you hit one of the tradeofs of LVM1: binary metadata backup formats.
Therefore we have text formated ones in LVM2.

"Well, that doesn't help me", I hear you say.

So the help story goes:

- stay with your 0.9 version

- comment out the "if ( pv_get_size ( pv_name, NULL) != vg.pv[index]->pv_size) "
  which should be starting arround line 321 in vgcfgrestore.c

- generate and install the LVM software

- retry to vgcfgrestore to hdd1 as you did before

- vgscan;vgchange -ay world

- upgrade to LVM 1.0.3 is recommended afterwards

Please tell me, how that goes.

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 12:59:45AM -0400, Jims wrote:
> One of the drives in my volume group "world" has died. I'd like to restore
> as much as possible, but am expecting to lose some data regardless since
> the disk is PV#3 out of 7 in total. What I'm trying to do is use
> vgcfgrestore (ver .9.1 beta) to at least build up a new PV in the
> following manner:
> vgcfgrestore -n world -o /dev/sdd1 -n /dev/hdd1
> This comes back with errors about the size being different -
> vgcfgrestore -- size of physical volume "/dev/hdd1" differs from backup
> This version doesn't have the -i (ignore size) ability. If I attempt the
> same with the new 1.0.3 binary, it complains of the old
> /etc/lvmconf/world.conf being incompatible -
> vgcfgrestore -- INFO: using backup file "/etc/lvmconf/world.conf"
> vgcfgrestore -- ERROR: different structure size stored in
> "/etc/lvmconf/world.conf" than expected in file vg_cfgrestore.c [line 139]
> vgcfgrestore -- ERROR "vg_cfgrestore(): read" restoring volume group
> "world"
> probably because the file was created using an old ver.
> How do I go about creating the exact same size of the old PV? Vgcfgrestore
> -n world -ll reports that it was 4.25gb. I tried creating different file
> sizes in fdisk based on this, and then pvcreate, but no go. Can I recreate
> the old restore file to be compatible with the new version?
> Running kernel 2.2.18 patched up with 1.0.3.
> Up a creek. Please assist!
> If you could CC my personal mail as well, I'd be most appreciative.
> Jims
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