[linux-lvm] bad vgexport/import

Tod Detre tod at po.cwru.edu
Fri Dec 6 09:37:02 UTC 2002

> You don't know what exactly happend to your system any longer, do you ?
> Anyway, let's try to fix it.

actually, I did figure out what happened. The system was in a 
state so before I shut it down to fix it I decided to take out one of 
drives I wasn't using. So I did a vgreduce to remove the unused drive 
then did a vgchange/vgexport to export those disks. What I've found is 
when I did the reduce right before the export it never updated the 
disks about the removed one. So I fixed it by putting everything back 
the way
it was before then doing a vgcfgrestore to all the drives. reexported 
the vg
and once it was on the new setup I did the reduce. That seemed to work 

Thanks for the help tho.

Tod Detre
Unix Technical Support
Case Western Reserve University
usworkstation at po.cwru.edu

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