[linux-lvm] / on LVM2

Markus Weiss mweiss at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Fri Dec 6 13:32:05 UTC 2002

Hello everbody,

I ran into a problem testing LVM2 on my system.
I have / on LVM, and booting into kernel 2.5.50 (with dm compiled in,
libdevmapper and LVM2-tools installed) fails, because the kernel cannot mount 
the root fs. I have tried building an initrd using SuSE's mk_initrd and 
lvmcreate_initrd, but I get the same problem.

Do these scripts have to be modified in any way to work with LVM2 ?
(something like calling devmap_mknod.sh at some point ?)

Thanks for any advice,


Please cc me, as I'm not subscribed

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