[linux-lvm] Recovering from a disaster...

bscott at ntisys.com bscott at ntisys.com
Fri Dec 6 17:57:01 UTC 2002

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, at 11:38am, mats at laplaza.org wrote:
>> Until Intel-based systems have a usable bios don't put your
>> root/boot volume on LVM. Since the BIOS will not be upgraded
>> until at least three weeks after pigs floss I'd strongly
>> suggest avoiding the pratice altogether.
> Ahem, to fuss a bit, the BIOS is a lodestone that comes with the *PC*
> architecture.

  And to fuss a bit more, "the BIOS" is an outdated term.  Most systems do
not have a single "BIOS" anymore; they have multiple components, each with
their own "BIOS".  These various "BIOSes" are just firmware; they contain
what is needed to run the device and bootstrap the OS (plus a ton of legacy
code leftover from the days of MS-DOS and floppy-only systems).

  Server-class systems built on the x86-compatible "PC" design now have many
(but not all) of the firmware features previously only found in propriatary
systems from Sun, SGI, etc.

> Someday we'll even see PC-class machines without a BIOS.

  Perhaps I misunderstand, but how does one boot without a BIOS?

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