[linux-lvm] Re: RH8 install - LVM sizing problem

grenoml grenoml at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 18 15:56:02 UTC 2002

An update to the problem:
  I finally reinstalled RH8 and made the following adjustments:
-pulled / out of LVM and put in its own partition
-increased both the size of / (5G) and /usr (15G)

  An 'everything' installation went fine this time with the only
problem being it was trying to run kudzu on the first reboot and when
it came up I had no mouse or keyboard so I rebooted and everything was
fine after that and so I finished the Setup config and Linux went to
the first login screen.  Once logged in I went to a terminal window and
ran pvdisplay and vgscan and received the exact same response as after
the first installation:

+ /sbin/pvdisplay
pvdisplay -- ERROR: "/etc/lvmtab" doesn't exist; please run vgscan

+ /sbin/vgscan
vgscan -- LVM driver/module not loaded?

So my question is what should I do to verify the state of LVM on the

Gerry Reno

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