[linux-lvm] Operation Not Permitted on 2.4.20

Tren Blackburn tren at eotnetworks.com
Thu Dec 19 11:06:02 UTC 2002

Hi all;

I've done some searching on the list and the closest I can come up with
is this:

This is a new NetFinity server, hardware RAID 5 array.  I partitioned
the drive, set up a second partition as Linux LVM.  Linux kernel is
2.4.20 and LVM version is 1.1-rc2 (kernel patched with this as well)

Ran pvcreate which worked fine
Ran vgcreate which worked fine
Ran lvcreate -L1G -nlvusr rootvg which gave:
  lvcreate -- ERROR "Operation not permitted" opening logical volume

Running lvremove /dev/rootvg/lvusr gives:
  lvremove -- ERROR "lv_release(): LV number" releasing logical volume

And if I try to build a filesystem on this LV I get:

count_blocks: open failed (Operation not permitted)

If I run vgscan -f I can remove the lv properly, but I cannot create a
filesystem still (get same error)  What can I give in the way of debug
output to be helpful here.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?



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