[linux-lvm] broken computer

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Tue Dec 24 04:45:02 UTC 2002

> Hello,  
> I have a quick question. I have been running lvm on my system for a while, it  
> works very good. However, the motherbord is wearing and the thing refuses to  
> boot. Can I, if I put my hard disk in another system, mount the lvm volumes on  
> it? I need my data right now...   
> Normally the drive is on hda, but it will certainly have another adresse in my  
> other box, since I only have athlon-optimised kernels on the faulty box and  
> the only other useable machine I have is a p133, which has to boot from a  
> smaller disk (1024 cylinder limit you see). My root filesystem is not in the  
> lvm volume.   

LVM  can mount volumes even if the harddrives have changed order.

> Frank  
> P.S. I am NOT on the LVM mailing list, so could you please CC me? Thanks. 

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