[linux-lvm] LVM System

Anthony W. Marino anthony at AWMObjects.com
Mon Mar 4 16:03:02 UTC 2002

On Monday 04 March 2002 04:49 pm, lembark at wrkhors.com wrote:
> -- "Anthony W. Marino" <anthony at AWMObjects.com> on 03/04/02 16:39:10 -0500
> > Any thoughts or articles that would be usefull in determining the quality
> > on the following combination would be greatly appreciated:
> >
> > LVM 1.x
> > 3Ware 7800 Raid Controller
> > Maxtor 40GB harddrives
> > XFS Journalling FS
> > SuSE 2.4.18+ Linux
> Striped LVM on RAID5 is a nice, flexable way to go.
> If you set the individual raid stripes at an I/O page
> (normally 4K on linux) and then stripe across the
> PV's the I/O gets spread nicely across plenty of paths.
> Using a stripe == I/O size avoids the "write penalty" in
> RAID5, the Raid Controller and drives do a nice job of
> buffering and the whole thing should work nicely.

Do you recommend any particular kernel release?
Where could I find good instructions on putting it all together?

Thank You,

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