[linux-lvm] Manegeability with LVM

Martin K. Petersen mkp at linuxcare.com
Tue Mar 5 08:14:02 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Heinz" == Heinz J <Heinz> writes:

Heinz> On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 11:41:26AM +0100, Goetz Bock wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 04 '02 at 18:33, Austin Gonyou wrote:
>> > XFS does support shriking..but not with LVM.
>> How come, LVM is just an other block device, isn't it?

Heinz> Right. If you could shrink an XFS filesystem, you can shrink
Heinz> the logical volume afterwards.

Heinz> I must have missed that one: since when does XFS support
Heinz> shrinking?

It doesn't...

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