[linux-lvm] System Suggestions

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Wed Mar 6 15:04:02 UTC 2002


I'd be careful with the IDE Raid controller.

We just built a lab machine with a Promise IDE Raid controller and the assumption that we could get it and XFS to co-exist.

I'm not doing the work, but the engineer that is tells me that the Promise Patch Kit only works with a very limited number of stock Redhat Kernels, and that we are NOT free to add the XFS patch.  Even worse, promise does not supply their patch in source, so we are not free to tweak it ourselves.

I'm not sure I really believe that, but that is what I'm told.

If you do get the 3Ware IDE RAID controller to work with XFS, please let me know.

Greg Freemyer
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 >>  On Wednesday 06 March 2002 02:40 pm, Petro wrote:
 >>  > On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 11:52:30AM -0500, Anthony W. Marino wrote:
 >>  > > Could someone, please, provide me with a link and/or facilitate some
 >>  > > suggestons for configuration of the following components for a new DB
 >>  > > server hosting MySQL 4.01MAX?  I'm only looking to get a start and
 >>  don't
 >>  > > expect "THE" answer since all things are relative and I will have to
 >>  > > further test the various scenarios.
 >>  > > SuSE 7.3-2.4.18
 >>  > > 512MB RAM
 >>  > > 4x40GB Maxtor IDE (7200RPM) drives
 >>  > > 3Ware 7800 RAID Controller
 >>  > > LVM
 >>  > > XFS
 >>  >
 >>  >     You really don't provide us with enough information here.
 >>  >
 >>  >     How big is your database, both in total size and in number of
 >>  >     tables. How are those tables utilized, when they get used do you
 >>  >     primarily open one table, manipulate it, then close it, or do you go
 >>  >     across a bunch of tables?
 >>  >
 >>  >     All of these, and more will have a dramatic impact on how you set
 >>  >     this stuff up.

 >>  Thanks.  I'm more concerned about any specifics as it applies to MySQL Max
 >>  and XFS, RAID and LVM as a whole.  Are there any nuances as it applies to
 >>  the 
 >>  whole?

 >>  Anthony

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