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José Luis Domingo López jdomingo at internautas.org
Wed Mar 6 16:37:02 UTC 2002

On Wednesday, 06 March 2002, at 15:56:06 -0600,
Kirby C. Bohling wrote:

> It's my understanding that the patches for XFS are pretty invasive 
> and that the latest XFS patches won't apply to the RedHat kernel because RH 
> has a different VM from the mainline kernel after 2.4.9 and XFS has lots 
> of VM dependencies in it.  That is me just summarizing what I have heard 
> on other mailings lists, never used XFS myself.  I thought SGI kept a 
> version of a RedHat derived distro ISO  that would work with XFS that 
> was relatively recent like RH 7.0 based or 7.1 based.  I can't remember 
> the link off hand.
Just for everyone's information, Andrea Arcangeli's kernel patches for
2.4.x series include XFS since at least version 2.4.18-rc4aa1 (what I am
running now, fine so far). This -aa branch is said to be both stable and
fast on the VM side, and could be interesting to give it a try.


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