[linux-lvm] System Suggestions

Stuart Levy slevy at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 7 09:29:06 UTC 2002

I'd written:

> A 3ware 7850 here  (8 drive hw RAID5) performed erratically
> until I got their latest .016 driver, which seems to be in
> the 2.4.18 kernel too.  The earlier .010 driver in 2.4.<=17
> would sometimes get into a low-performance (~15MB/sec) mode,
> but the .016 driver has been doing very well.  3ware tech support
> have been very responsive too.  Based on a few weeks' experience,
> I'd recommend them.
>    Stuart Levy, slevy at ncsa.uiuc.edu

Anthony Marino asked:
> Are you, too, using XFS and LVM with your 3Ware/RAID5 config?  

XFS yes, LVM no.

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