[linux-lvm] what happes to VG when disks are added/removed?

Heinz J . Mauelshagen mauelshagen at sistina.com
Mon Mar 11 09:30:02 UTC 2002

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 09:26:06AM +0100, gunther.kuhlmann at web.de wrote:
> Hello!
> I had two hard disks, the first with three VG's, the second
> with one VG (vg2). When the second hard disk started to fail, I
> installed a third with VG vg4 and copied the data over. Then,
> without deleting vg2, I unplugged hd 2. After reboot, the volume
> on vg2 mounted cleanly, although the disk was not available. It
> correctly accessed the LV on vg4 on the new disk. Is that correct?
> Can I now use either of the two vg2/vg4 to access the LV on the
> new disk? How do I get rid of one (and which) without risking my
> data? Can I just vgremove vg2 away?


the result depends on *how* you copied vg2 over to your new hard drive.

If you used for eg. dd to do an image copy of the partitions, which contained
vg2 on the flaky drive or a whole disk copy keeping sizes, you've got duplicated
content and can unplug the flaky device.
If you ran vgscan, you saw your 'old' vg2 in the new drive, which is
perfectly fine.

BTW: your configuration is a little bit extraordinary in terms of how to use
drives as PVs. Typically you shouldn't have multiple VG's on a single drive
as you seem to have it.
Much rather you should have multiple drives in one VG.

> Thanks for your help!
> Gunther
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