[linux-lvm] lvextend problem

Jens Berlips jens at berlips.com
Sat Mar 16 17:55:02 UTC 2002


I have two partitions on a 80gb harddrive.


I have created a VG called store_vg.
$vgcreate store_vg /dev/hdb2
$lvcreate -lXXX -nstore_lv store_vg
creating an LV using all space left on hdb2

What I wanted to do next was adding the hdb1
without loosing the data on hdb2.

So I did.
vgextend store_vg /dev/hdb1
lvextend -lXXX /dev/store_vg/store_lv /dev/hdb1

But I noticed that this didnt work and when doing a
$ df. I got the same results as before. I guess this has
to do with hdb1 not being formatted (using mkfs.xfs) correctly. When
reformatting the entire LV (extended with hdb1) I got everything to work.
But all data lost.

This was more of a test, so I didn't loose any critical data. But how
should this proceedure be done correctly?

Thanks in advance
Jens Berlips

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