[linux-lvm] lvextend problem

bo bo at sosnetwork.net
Fri Mar 22 17:07:02 UTC 2002

> > 1) extend the volume group (which you did)
> > 2) extend the logical volume (which you did), and
> > 3) extend the filesystem
> If you've used a ReiserFS filesystem a
>   /sbin/resize_reiserfs /dev/store_vg/store_lv
> would have done the trick - online!
> I can only say resize_reiserfs works like a charm for me.
>From my experiences,
mkreiserfs takes more time than resize_reiserfs, and also it has a
message like "formating" but no such message on resize_reiserfs.
I thought resize_reiserfs does not format the device added but it did not
have any problem to access after resize.

My question is "Does resize_reiserfs format the device which is added and
unformatted yet?"


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