[linux-lvm] VG lost, VG restorable without lvmconf? Need help!

daniel amthor da at dertext.com
Thu Mar 28 03:50:02 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 27 March 2002 21:40, you wrote:
> I have no lvmconf etc. :-(
> Is it possible to recover the VG from the data of the PVs?
I had a similar problem.  There seems to be a problem with vgscan erasing the 
conf sometimes. I tried hgetting an answer on this list, but maybe we can 
push it together. Are your disks Maxtor ? 
This is what I did to recover : 
1. Installed backups of vgconf-files (vgcfgbackup/recover seems broken too) 
2. Ran vgchange -a y  
3. Disabled vgscan alltogether, as it wrecked everything always.

Keep us posted :-)

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