[linux-lvm] VG lost, VG restorable without lvmconf? Need help!

dan.am lvm at lonx.net
Fri Mar 29 06:31:02 UTC 2002

> > Are your disks Maxtor ?
> no and yes :)
> hda is IBM (30 GB)
> hdb is a Maxtor 61,4 GB / 5400
This probably has something to do with it. I have some Maxtor stuff too.
> I am afraid that I have no current backups of these files if backups at
> all :-(
This is a problem. Hmmmm...Try recreating your vol group config by running
"vgcreate" and "lvcreate" from command line. Do not use yast , as this will
call "vgscan" again
Or maybe:
1. mv /sbin/vgscan /sbin/vgscan.BOGUS
2. YasT to recreate VG.
In any case work carefully, since you are in trouble

Also try "vgcfgrestore" , but   assume it is broken too, as it was in my



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