[linux-lvm] Can no longer mount lvm striped volume

Craig Tierney ctierney at hpti.com
Thu May 2 13:20:02 UTC 2002

I just had a power outage and now I cannot
remount my LVM volumes.  I have to volume
groups each with one logical volume.  Each
vg is striped across two luns.

I started getting the errors:

vgscan -- ERROR: logical volume "/dev/sdd_vol2/lv1" reuses 
an existing device number; please vgexport/vgimport that VG 

I was using lvm-1.0.2 at the time so I could
not run vgscan -f.  So I upgraded my 2.4.14 kernel
to lvm-1.1-rc2 and gave it a try.

Now I vgscan will not complain about the logical
volumes, but I still cannot mount the ext3 filesystems
that are installed on the volumes.

I am now getting the error message:

[root at x06 /root]# mount -t ext3 /dev/sdd_vol2/ /export/sdd_vol2
mount: /dev/sdd_vol2/ is not a block device

IO nodes have gone down in the past due to
power interruptions, but I have never had
this catastrophic of a problem.  I have 16 volume
groups, and 3 or 4 appear to be affected.

Any ideas?


Craig Tierney (ctierney at hpti.com)

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