[linux-lvm] Can no longer mount lvm striped volume

Craig Tierney ctierney at hpti.com
Thu May 2 14:09:02 UTC 2002

Things are getting better.  I found 2 of the
3 lv's that were missing.  I am trying to find the last

All of the vg's and lv's were created under lvm 1.0.2.
I am now using 1.1-rc2.

If I type either:

   vgdisplay -v sdd_vol4


   vgdisplay -v sdd2_vol12

I get the same results, both for sdd2_vol12.
That vg does not yet have a lv.  I get the same
results from different nodes (storage is fiber attached).

Is there a maximum number of vg's that are supported?
Is there a maximum length that a vg name can be?
When I first configured the new disks I had some problems
where trying to run vgdisplay on the volumes named 'sdd_vol1?' 
I would only get the results for sdd_vol1.  Is there an
8 character max built in?


On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 01:34:40PM -0500, John Moser wrote:
> > [root at x06 /root]# mount -t ext3 /dev/sdd_vol2/ /export/sdd_vol2
> > mount: /dev/sdd_vol2/ is not a block device
> >
> > IO nodes have gone down in the past due to
> > power interruptions, but I have never had
> > this catastrophic of a problem.  I have 16 volume
> > groups, and 3 or 4 appear to be affected.
> Have you tried a simple:
> vgchange -a y
> ?  Similar situation happened to me before, and I just needed to activate
> the volume group.
> -John
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Craig Tierney (ctierney at hpti.com)

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