[linux-lvm] LVM Reboot Problem

Jonathan Brett jbrett at wheremedia.com
Tue May 21 08:59:03 UTC 2002

I have my system configured with Redhat 7.3 with 2 80GB hard drives.  I made
a volume group using /dev/hdc and /dev/hda9.  Everything worked fine, I
copied data in there, put in the 'vgscan' and 'vgchange -a y' in the startup
script and put 'vgchange -a n' into the shutdown script.  However, when I
reboot my machine, the data is lost :(  I do a 'locate' on a file I know is
in there and it finds it.  However when I do a 'ls' in the directory,
nothing shows up.

What am I doing wrong here ???

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