[linux-lvm] Physical volume size changed

Jens Hoffrichter joho at hausboot.org
Wed May 22 05:12:02 UTC 2002


We are using the LVM here in our company to manage our partitions and
are really satisfied with the software, its really great to change
partition sizes on the fly and similar :)

We are using two VG, system and data. data consists of one physical volume,
/dev/scsi/host2/bus0/target1/lun0/disc, which is the logical volume of
a IBM ServeRaid SCSI Controller with 4 disks and a raid 5. This logical
volume has 101.7 GB.

Now we have extended the logical volume on the IBM ServeRaid by using
3 36 GB disks, so the logical volume on the raid controller now has
203.4 GB. 

I have issued a SCSI reset on the bus hoping that the LVM notices on the
fly that the physical volume size has changed, but it doesn't recognize

I have not rebooted yet, that is the other hope that the LVM recognizes
the additional free space after the reboot, but I'm not sure.

Are there other possibilities that the LVM recognizes that the PV size
has changed? Or is there no hope at all?

I would be really glad if somebody could give me some hints where to look.

CU all,
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