[linux-lvm] Volume group not found on restart [resent]

Murthy Kambhampaty Murthy.Kambhampaty at goeci.com
Thu May 23 14:10:02 UTC 2002

Heinz, thanks for the response.

> Strange.
> If you were able to "lvremove /dev/db_vol/snap_db" it shouldn't be 
> visible in the metadata I got from you.
> But it still is in there and has extents allocated on the 
> physical volume
> you wanted to remove from the volumegroup "db_vol". Unless 
> there was no
> extents allocated on physical volume /dev/sda, running 
> "vgreduce db_vol /dev/sda" was impossible.
> The steps needed would have been:
> - close /dev/db_vol/db_snap by unmounting it
> - successfully removing the LV with "lvremove /dev/db_vol_snap"
> - reducing the volume group successfully with "vgreduce 
> db_vol /dev/sda"
> To check it:
> - vgdisplay -v db_vol # just showing 1 PV in VG "db_vol"
> - pvscan              # showing /dev/sda to be an unused PV
I'm pretty sure I went throught the sequence you describe above, and the
pvscan at the end said /dev/sda was in "db_vol. I'll replicate the setup (I
have two volumes that are now tmp volumes with filesystems on disk, which
I'll convert to two different PVs and go through building up and tearing
down the setup I had before) and let you know if I get the same behavior.

> > 
> > > > 
> > > > So, the preferred course here is to "to change the metadata 
> > > in order to get
> > > > rid of the gone physical volume", and all will be well. 
> > > 
> > > So there's cons vs. (temporarly) trying 1.1-rc to quorum 
> > > activate db_vol
> > > in order to retrieve the data?
> > > 
> > Only to the extent that your message indicated that LVM 
> 1.1-rc2 was unstable
> > (BTW, do I only install the userspace tools and retain my 
> LVM 1.0.1rc4
> > kernel code (or do I have to patch the XFS cvs kernel with 
> the LVM 1.1-rc2
> > kernel code to implement this alternative?)
> You can go with just the tools in a temporary location.
I tried it (download 1.1-rc2, built the kernel and tools, installed the
tools (about which time I got your message), then ran "vgscan; vgchange -qn
-ay "db_vol") and got the error message "vgchange -- driver doesn't support
volume group quorum!"

I'll install the patched kernel, and try it. Once I recover the data, I can
go back to the stock 2.4.18-xfs kernel, installing the lvm-tools rpm
supplied with RH 7.2.

I'll let you know how it goes ... ;)

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