[linux-lvm] LVM and extending/reducing striped LV's

me at vger.org me at vger.org
Wed May 29 02:44:01 UTC 2002

After scaning thru the mailing list archive and reading some FAQs i can
find information that <subject> are not available... atleast with older
versions of lvm. My question is, can this be done now? Im using lvm
1.1-rc2 right now on 2.4.18. If anyone know how to do this with just lvm
id be thankfull if you could drop me a mail with some pointers.

If this can not be done I have to go with the md RAID0/LVM layout to boost
preformence from a linar lvm only layout.

Thanks to anyone that replys =)
ps. include me in the reply because im not on the list.

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